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Ranch History

Fair Oaks Ranch has been my family’s business since 1959. The land has taught me many things; most importantly, that living in harmony with nature is healthier than working against it. My search began for ways to return to natures’ model in order to produce beef bursting with flavor, low in fat and nutritious.

Our philosophy of cattle ranching, and our deep values based on sustainable farming and healthy food, inspired us to bring New Zealand’s Turihaua Angus stock to America. We agreed it was all about working with the land’s own resources, using superior cattle, managing stock humanely, feeding only fresh grasses, and never using antibiotics or hormones. Fair Oaks Ranch became a leader in sustainable family farming, producing the finest, naturally raised Angus grass-fed beef in California. Our “from our pasture to your plate” philosophy helped us provide our discerning customers with the healthiest, tastiest beef possible.

With over 100 years of grass-fed genetics, our semen comes from stock known for its uniformity, predictability, structure, fertility, longevity and is equipped with quiet temperament and pasture efficiency. We have kept only the best, no exceptions!

Today, Fair Oaks Ranch has found our niche’ and we continue to be the home to quality angus herds, that many say produces some of the best grass-fed beef they have ever tasted, as well as offer semen for sale to those who wish to continue the tradition of running a quality sustainable angus program..

I know you will enjoy a visit here to the ranch and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Coco Collelmo, owner of Fair Oaks Ranch & Cattle Company

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